Enhancing networks at Lake Constance

The people behind micelab:bodensee are happy to share their knowledge and experience with you, whether that’s questions about micelab:bodensee itself, or about event formats, settings, dramaturgy, learning processes, curating, moderation, the Art of Hosting or about the Lake Constance network partners.

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Lake Constance: a place for innovative meetings

micelab:bodensee is a cooperation between the BodenseeMeeting network and the team of curators, the events dramaturgist Tina Godow and the journalist Michael Gleich from the “der kongress tanzt” network. BodenseeMeeting consists of 13 partners from all around Lake Constance: congress centres, event halls, seminar hotels and convention bureaus from Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

For over 25 years the network has been working on marketing and refining the Lake Constance region as an optimal place for meetings and congresses. This constant refinement led in 2016 to the founding micelab:bodensee as a platform for research and professional development. A notable precursor to this were the annual research labs held every year since 2012, researching into MICE LABs as the “Congress of the Future”.

Cross-border and award-winning

The supranational project was supported through the Alpenrhein-Bodensee-Hochrhein Interreg-V-Programme, with funding from the European Union and Switzerland. In a short time, micelab:bodensee has already won two awards for innovation: the tourism innovation prize “Bodensee17” and the top award for Vorarlberg tourism innovation in 2018.

Lake Constance MICE Region

Well over a thousand large-scale events are testament to Lake Constance’s role as an important player in the MICE sector. This encompasses everything from world medicine congresses to international association conferences, large corporate events, cultural and social events, and even the annual Nobel Laureate Meetings.

Anja Sachse

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin für Fragen zum micelab:bodensee

St.Gallen-Bodensee Convention, St.Gallen (CH)

Mail | Tel. +41 71 227 37 16

Foto: Petra Rainer

Urs Treuthardt

Convention Partner Vorarlberg, Bregenz (A)

Mail | Tel. +43 5574 43443 12

Foto: Anja Koehler

Gerhard Stübe

Kongresskultur Bregenz GmbH, Bregenz (A)


Mail | Tel. +43 5574 413 301

Daniela Kaulfus

Pzwei. Pressearbeit, Bregenz (A)

Mail | Tel. +43 5574 44715 28

Foto: Lucas Breuer

Tina Gadow

der kongress tanzt, Berlin (D)

Mail | Tel. +49 178 857 70 41

Foto: Lucas Breuer

Michael Gleich

der kongress tanzt, Berlin (D)

Mail | Tel. +49 176 313 846 53

Wolfgang Himmel

translake GmbH, Konstanz (D)

Mail | Tel. +49 7531 365 92 30

Reinhold Maier

Stadthalle Singen, Singen (D)

Mail | Tel. +49 1522 989 54

Matthias Klingler

Kultur- und Kongress-Zentrum Graf-Zeppelin-Haus, Friedrichshafen (D)

Mail | Tel. +49 7541 288 110

Iris Müller

Meersburg Tourismus, Meersburg (D)

Mail | Tel. +49 7532 444 040 12

Catherina Hug

Bodenseeforum Konstanz, Konstanz (D)

Mail | Tel. +49 7531 12728 15

Franz Petzold

Mainau GmbH, Insel Mainau (D)

Mail | Tel. +49 7531 303 0

Carsten Holz

Inselhalle Lindau, Lindau (D)

Mail | Tel. +49 8382 2600 20

Erik Hörenberg

Milchwerk Radolfzell, Radolfzell (D)

Mail | Tel. +49 7732 81360

Andreas Marty

Säntis-Schwebebahn AG, Schwägalp (CH)

Mail | Tel. +41 71 365 65 65

Jürg Putzi

Würth Haus Rorschach, Rorschach (CH)

Mail | Tel. +41 71 225 10 41

Klaudia Zechner

SAL – Saal am Lindaplatz, Schaan (FL)

Mail | Tel. +42 3 237 72 50